Organic whole flowers for an enriching herbal tea
Blue Lotus Flowers
Blue Lotus Flowers
Blue Lotus Flowers
Blue Lotus Flowers
Blue Lotus Flowers
Blue Lotus Flowers
Blue Lotus Flowers

Blue Lotus Flowers

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Avg serving ~ 3-5g
Introducing our exquisite Blue Lotus Flowers, the epitome of natural beauty and purity. Grown organically in the idyllic water sources of rural Thailand, these delicate flowers are carefully handpicked to ensure the highest quality and authenticity. Immerse yourself in the enchanting aroma of our Blue Lotus organic tea. As you sip this fragrant flower tea, you'll be transported to a serene oasis, where tranquility and nature intertwine. The gentle notes of floral bliss and subtle sweetness dance on your palate, creating a truly delightful and memorable taste experience. Indulge in the wonders of nature with every sip. Our Blue Lotus Flowers are 100% natural and pure, free from any artificial additives or preservatives. With their captivating fragrance and natural sweet taste, these flowers will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and grateful for the simple pleasures in life. Experience the magic of the Blue Lotus Flower and elevate your tea-drinking ritual to new heights. Add a touch of elegance and serenity to your daily routine with our Blue Lotus Flowers. Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with this exquisite gift from nature. Embrace the beauty and tranquility of the Blue Lotus Flowers. Order your package today and embark on a sensory journey like no other. Let the captivating fragrance and delicate flavors of these flowers transport you to a state of pure bliss.

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  • 100% organic

  • Direct from Premium quality grower in Thailand

  • Dried and packaged with a 1-year shelf life!

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Blue Lotus Flower Details

Benefits of our Blue Lotus Flowers:
  • Blue lotus flower tea is a traditional beverage that has been consumed for centuries for its potential health benefits. Here are some of the commonly claimed health benefits of drinking blue lotus flower tea:

    1. Stress relief: Blue lotus flower tea is believed to have natural sedative properties that can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

    2. Pain relief: Some people believe that blue lotus flower tea can help to relieve pain and muscle spasms.

    3. Improved digestion: Blue lotus flower tea is also believed to have natural digestive properties, which may help to improve digestion and reduce digestive discomfort.

    4. Improved circulation: The tea is also thought to improve circulation throughout the body, which can help to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

    5. Enhanced mood: The tea is believed to have mood-enhancing properties, which can help to improve overall mood and feelings of well-being.

    It's important to note that there is limited scientific research on the potential health benefits of blue lotus flower tea, and more studies are needed to confirm its effectiveness. Additionally, individuals should consult with their healthcare provider before adding blue lotus flower tea to their diet, especially if they are taking medications or have underlying medical conditions.


Pregnancy and Diabetes
  • Using Blue Lotus Flowers are not receommended if you are preganant or have diabetes
  • Due to its effects It may not be suitable for everyone and shouldn’t be mixed with other substances like cannabis or alcohol.
  • Do not drive or perform other activities while consuming the flower.

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